Ilan Shor, mastermind of Moldovan Bank Heist Bids for Parliament. What if he fails ? Bzzzum to Israel !? Because the place in Moscow is unfortunately occupied by the „Balabol”


lan Shor’s run for parliament could effectively keep him out of jail as the convicted mastermind of a $1 billion theft that almost bankrupted Moldova.

Madalin Necsutu BIRN Chisinau

He’s the 31-year-old with a Russian pop-star wife, a taste for bling and a conviction for stealing $1 billion. Or is he Robin Hood in Europe’s poorest country, owner of a chain of discount stores selling to hard-up pensioners?

Ilan Shor is playing on the latter in an audacious bid for Moldova’s parliament – and the immunity it bestows – in a November election that has already ignited tensions in a former Soviet republic torn between East and West.

Shor says he is innocent and his seven-and-a-half-year sentence still needs Court of Appeal approval before coming into effect. In the meantime, the man convicted of the “theft of the century” is grabbing headlines with a dash for parliament that…

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